Across a variety of industries, digital signage is a highly important aspect of digital transformation. It’s a tool which businesses from all areas are rushing to adopt, from healthcare and retail to corporate offices and non-profit organisations.

What makes digital signage so special, however? For one, it’s an innovative and customisable technology, which can be tailored to fit the needs of any business. Secondly, it’s extremely easy and simple to set up. Whereas businesses once relied on complex management systems, with digital signage, you eliminate the need to contact engineers when you want to change the display. Rather, the information is stored online, meaning a business can simply log on and update it from their own office worldwide, whether you’re based in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, New York, or Las Vegas!

Still, need some convincing this trend is for you? Check out the eight statistics below to discover why digital signage needs to be included in your marketing strategy for your retail business today:

  1. Retail is the fastest growing industry to use digital signage: Across the globe, retail brands are quickly embracing digital signage after the worldwide renowned brand, Burberry, featured it in their flagship London store. The way Burberry uses digital signage in their store opened up the doors for a whole host of opportunities, from mirrors doubling up as video signage to radio-frequency identification (RFID) enabled screens which show catwalk footage whenever a customer takes a product into the fitting rooms.
  2. 8/10 consumers have entered a store due to digital signage grabbing their attention: This is an incredible increase from the number of customers who would enter a store due to window designs. In the digital age, we react and respond to all things technology, instead of static displays.
  3. 20% of people read However, 80% will watch a video: While content marketing is still an extremely important aspect of digital marketing, there’s no denying that visuals and videos are often more persuasive. Videos engage consumers; they can watch them quickly with little-to-no effort, especially if they play automatically.
  4. Digital media reaches more consumers than videos on social media or the internet, especially in public venues: Digital signage in public areas, such as billboard advertising on street corners, is widely better remembered than a video online when a consumer has the option to continue scrolling past.
  5. 71% of consumers felt digital billboard advertising stood out a lot more than online adverts: Digital signage is often more prominent than online adverts, partly due to the size of the large screens in contrast to our handheld devices. It’s also in part due to consumers finding digital billboards a lot more impressive and a “cool way” to learn the information supplied.
  6. 68% of consumers stated that digital advertising would influence their decision to purchase the product or service featured on the signage: All forms of marketing have a clear goal: to make as many sales as possible. By utilising digital signage, a business can boost the conversion rate and secure sales.
  7. 40% of consumers agree digital signage can change their decision to purchase one product over another: The easy-to-digest information on digital signage, when placed next to products, serves to provide the answer to a consumers question of ‘why should I buy this?’ It’s no surprise that this can change their mind on which product to buy.
  8. 44% of consumers admit social media influences and increases decisions to buy products: While social media was once the realm of staying in contact with those closest to you, it’s rapidly developing into a huge tool for digital marketing. Whether a business uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even LinkedIn, it depends upon the industry. However, there’s no escaping that it’s an extremely important aspect of the overall retail

As the statistics above highlight, digital signage and advertising is the future of the retail sector. It can heavily influence consumer’s buying decisions and persuade them to enter your store. Unfortunately, if your business isn’t adopting and using digital signage, you’re going to be left behind. Don’t hesitate to contact Document6 to create incredible and innovative digital signage Glasgow, or to design a stunning, visual window display Edinburgh.