Digital Signage Solutions – An Introduction

Digital signage technology has come a long way and is now becoming an essential communication tool for a growing number of businesses. Digital signage can no longer be dismissed as a frivolity, and the technology comes with a wide variety of benefits that can provide high levels of ROI while improving a brand’s visibility and information delivery. From time-saving to attracting new customers, digital signage can transform a business no matter its sector. Knowing where and how to use digital signage should be given some serious thought. If you’re not sure if digital signage is right for your business, here are some ideas, solutions, and factors that you might not have considered.

 Digital Menu Boards

Hotels, restaurants, bars, and cafes are ideally suited for the use of digital menu boards. The shift from printed menu boards to digital can have a dramatic effect on a variety of traditional challenges of the food and drink sector. One of the most useful benefits for businesses is that it becomes easier to make content changes to your menu without worrying about having to print out new menus every time there’s a minor change. This makes it easier to design more flexible menus to suit your stock levels and even allows for changes made throughout the day as customer needs change. Digital menu boards also:

  • Improve audience customization
  • Attract attention at the point of sale
  • Deliver realistic waiting time info to reduce frustration over seating delays
  • Improve impulse buying rates
  • Reduce the expenses of repeatedly printing new menus

Digital menu boards can have a dramatic effect on branding and business efficiency. Being able to make even minor adjustments to food items or prices on a real-time basis means that food providers can control their costs far more effectively, all while delivering a higher level of customer service. Digital menus are becoming increasingly visible in food environments, and brands that fail to adopt their use are only going to start feeling outdated.  

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High Bright Digital Screens

Many business premises will benefit from having a digital screen in a front-facing location, but that raises the issue of sunlight and glare. Using a standard television or computer monitor to display your digital signage is always going to be negatively affected by light, which is why high bright digital screens should always be considered as a much better alternative. Not all businesses that decide to use digital signage will need a high bright digital screen, but if you want to have a screen in your store window facing the street, then high bright is always going to be the best option. 

A standard television will quickly burn out if it kept on for long periods, but digital signage has been designed to not only reduce glare but also maintain vision quality over longer periods, offering obvious cost advantages.

It’s important to pay attention to locations with digital signage, and for outside-facing screens, you will need to take window distance into account as well. The less space between window and screen the better. High bright digital screens are relatively new, but they are becoming the display option of choice for those that want to attract customers to special offers and branded promotion in-store. 

Video Walls

If there’s one branch of digital signage that’s seeing record growth, it’s the use of video walls. Aside from the ‘cool-factor,’ video walls offer both visual and communication advantages that other signage options fail to match. Able to be adopted by almost any business or social sector, a video wall comes with some unique benefits that make them an increasingly high-value resource. Whether your business wants a video wall for customers or employees, the benefits of a video wall include:

  • Faster dissemination of vital information
  • Can be used multi-purpose as simple signage or for video calls
  • Added WOW factor when placed where customers can see them
  • Allow for artistic designs that only add to their impact
  • Can use multiple input sources so that you can display any type of content that you want

From showrooms to office settings, video walls can vastly improve how information is delivered to those that need it. Whether you’re displaying KPI targets to staff in real-time or attracting consumers to a special offer or new product, video walls are a high-impact signage choice. They can transform brand reputation while improving productivity and workflow. Whether you run a healthcare facility, a school, or a retail outlet, video walls are an option that should be looked at closely. 

Touch Screen Kiosk Systems

Increasingly visible in work environments, touch screen kiosk screens come in a variety of designs and can serve a number of functions. That means that you can tailor their use to your specific industry. Not only do touch screen kiosk systems make a fantastic visual impression for your customers, but they are also designed with longevity in mind. As a result, they are robust enough to handle daily use no matter how heavy your customer traffic is. There are three main types of touch screen kiosk system available:

  • Outdoor kiosks: Built to withstand any weather, outdoor kiosks are ideal for brands with ticketing systems or pre-order structures.
  • Freestanding: With an elegant yet highly durable design, free-standing touchscreen kiosk systems do all that you need when it comes to taking payments and taking orders from customers. Able to be placed anywhere, they are becoming a very common sight in modern retail and hospitality. 
  • Wall-mounted: For those limited by space, wall-mounted touchscreen kiosks do all that their larger counterparts can do, all while getting the maximum use of your business space.

From streamlining check-ins to pushing promotions and impulse buys, touch screen kiosk systems offer practical solutions for business owners, while also improving the customer experience.

 Interactive Touch Screens

Touch screen technology is available with kiosk systems, on screens that are mounted to the wall, or as tablets. They are extremely beneficial for business owners because they empower customers and give them much more control over their experience with your brand. Touch screens are more than engaging and fun, they are also very helpful, and make it easier for a business to guide consumers into a sales funnel and manage their purchasing processes. For forward-thinking businesses, interactive touchscreen technologies can help you stand out, and they can be used in multiple ways for maximum effect. Depending on your sector, you can use interactive touch screen tech for:

  • Product browsing
  • Video demonstrations of products
  • Product orders
  • Loyalty scheme/competition/newsletter signups
  • Games for younger customers
  • Entertainment (video or music content that is relevant to your brand)

Interactive touch screens are highly customisable so that you get to use them in the way that most suits your location, your branding, and your sector. There are no limits to how much you can do with touchscreen tech, and for improved communication that puts the customer in control, they are hard to beat. Flexible in terms of use, interactive touch screens are becoming increasingly visible in the workplace, and brands that fail to adapt their use could be falling behind their competitors.

Digital Posters

Paper posters are a relic of the past. Not only are traditional posters expensive to update, design, and print, they are also frustrating when it comes to blocking out natural light. Digital posters avoid those traditional hindrances and are now the smart choice for businesses that want to create an impact without the flaws of paper signage. Digital posters are advantageous because they boost:

  • Visibility: Digital posters are immediately captivating, and that gives them a huge advantage in terms of visibility. Transparent LED posters are available in designs so that natural light inside your premises is not restricted, and the brightness of digital posters makes them significantly more dynamic. Multiple poster designs can be displayed as a slideshow so that you’re not limited to a single image or message, and you can even use them to display video adverts.
  • Customization: Paper signs need to be discussed, designed, approved, sent off to the printer, and finally pinned to the wall or window once delivered. This is very time-consuming. Digital posters can be updated as and when you want. You get to use your digital posters however you want, and you get total control over every element of the display. 
  • ROI: With low energy use and the potential to sell advertising space on your digital posters, they are much more proactive in terms of your ROI. Long-lasting and durable, digital posters are a cost-effective means of displaying the messages that you want your customers to see.

Outdoor Digital Signage

Ideal for attracting attention and customers, outdoor digital signage is a vast leap forward in terms of exterior advertising. No matter the weather, outdoor digital signage allows you to present a consistent branding that is both vibrant and dynamic. Using high bright technology that makes them easy to see no matter the season, outdoor digital signage handles even extremes of weather with ease. Just like other digital signage options, outdoor signage with a digital approach allows for vastly more control over the messages that you send out to passing trade. 

Outdoor signs have always been vital for business, but traditional options are always going to have less impact than more modern signage technology. 

 From brighter colours to animated content, your signs and billboards can be more captivating than ever. If you have a business that relies on being seen in the real-world then outdoor digital signage helps you stand out, gets people talking, and will encourage people to walk through your doors. From restaurants to retail, outdoor digital signage is the leap forward that will elevate your brand and get you the customers that you need. Don’t limit your potential for growth by sticking to traditional signage choices. With the low costs of outdoor digital signage, the only limitation is your imagination.

Businesses that Digital signage is perfect for:

• Hospitality

The hospitality industry is all about the guest experience. From holiday resorts and hotels to sports facilities and art galleries, if customers don’t have the experience they hope for then a business quickly becomes forgettable. Digital signage is becoming indispensable for the hospitality sector, simply because guests now expect to see it. Not only does digital signage make more of an impression, but it also offers many practical benefits, including multilingual communication. For businesses with a global clientele, touchscreen kiosks make checking into hotels easier, digital menus make it easier to order food in another language, and outdoor signage makes it easier to stand out. 

Digital signage elevates your hospitality brand to the modern age and adds a sense of high-tech luxury to any environment. 

That’s why the hospitality sector is one of the fastest adopters of digital signage, and its use only continues to grow. As the need to deliver an ever-higher level of customer service and personalisation, digital signage, interactive touchscreen technology, and check-in kiosks are fast becoming an indispensable addition to any business that hopes to provide the ultimate in customer experiences. If you don’t want your business to be forgotten, then integrating digital signage into your business setup is now becoming essential.

• Retail

Consumers now have more options to buy than ever before, and that means retail businesses are in a constant fight for attention. Brick and mortar retail outlets are constantly on the lookout for emerging consumer trends and new ways to stand out, and digital signage is fast becoming the most valued solution. Storefront transformation has never been easier to achieve, and digital signage can be used effectively in retail environments while also delivering:

  • Faster change-out speed for new displays: There is no need to wait weeks for a new window poster. Multiple posters can be used in the same shopping period and customised to attract different audiences and demographics. 
  • Improved inventory management: If customers come into your store to buy a product but you have sold out then you may have lost that customer forever. With immediate updates available, you can communicate with consumers in real-time. If you have excess stock that is tying up your operating budget then lightning sales to attract the early morning shoppers with time to kill is as simple as pressing a button. 
  • ROI: Digital signage can boost exposure, encourage higher levels of engagement, and add to your conversion percentages. With data becoming so vital for businesses, retailers can use digital signage and measure its impact, ensuring that it is always being used to maximum effect.

• Restaurants

The restaurant trade is notoriously challenging, but it is also uniquely placed to take maximum advantage of digital signage and technology. As a result, restaurant owners are making growing use of digital signage, not least when it comes to displaying menus. A digital menu offers many advantages:

  • Daily specials can be updated in real-time as stock levels change
  • Morning menus can be changed to lunchtime menus without hassle
  • Improved use of photographs can entice customers with mouthwatering menu items

However, it’s not just a digital menu that can be used in a restaurant environment. Waiting time display boards can also be useful because they let customers know how long they have to wait until their table is ready, and even how long they have to wait for their food to be prepared. This gives customers more awareness and reduces frustration if food takes time to leave the kitchen. The restaurant industry is also one of the main business users of social media, and digital signage can be used to boost social visibility. Digital signage can be used to display a restaurant’s Instagram feed, or even for encouraging social sharing via special offers. If you want to maximise your restaurant’s potential, then digital signage is now becoming something that you can’t afford to ignore.

• Education

Modern education facilities need to be engaging and stimulating, and digital signage is becoming the simplest and most cost-effective way to meet those goals. As the education sector continues to grow more competitive, standing out is essential, and digital signage can help you manage expectations and scrutiny from parents and visitors. When compared to a traditional notice board used in schools and colleges, digital signage is far more effective when it comes to:

  • Cutting costs: Drastically reduce your use of printer ink and paper by moving to digital signage.
  • Student experience: Modern students are adept at technology use, and they will become immediately more interested when information is delivered digitally. Visual stimulation also improves learning rates and is much more effective than textbooks and dry lectures. 
  • Faster Communication: Information is vital in an education environment, and multiple digital displays that are linked together can ensure that staff, students, and visitors are aware of new information and new events.
  • Improved Safety: From crime alerts to providing directions in the case of an emergency, digital signage can get safety information to more people much more efficiently than traditional methods such as handing out leaflets or using a megaphone.

As technology continues to play a greater role in our lives, education facilities need to keep up with the demands of the digital age, and there are plenty of digital signage options to choose from.

• Doctor Surgeries

One of the main advantages of digital signage is its ability to get information to those that need it. For a doctor’s surgery, that can be critical. Digital signage can be a very versatile and high-value addition to your waiting rooms, and it’s easier than ever to customize the message and delivery of that message in the way that suits your patients and your staff. The advantages include:

  • Real-time information and updates
  • Providing educational videos to patients in your waiting room
  • Automated promotional messages that reflect the time of day and patient demographic
  • Faster check-in times that improve receptionist productivity

These can lead to more informed patients, fewer complaints about waiting times, and a total reduction in operating costs. There is also the fact that many surgeries boost their profits by selling healthcare inventory, and digital signage can also be used to advertise those products. Suppliers may pay for screen time on your signage, or you could simply improve your sales figures on healthcare products. It’s easy to forget that a doctor’s surgery needs to be as customer-centric as any other business. If you want to ensure the best in patient experience, then digital signage could be the key to managing visitors, reducing stress, and improving the route to recovery that is so vital in a healthcare environment. 

• Dental Practices

A dental practice is often an environment of high stress. Not many people enjoy a trip to the dentist, and one of the key difficulties for those in this sector is ensuring patient comfort at all times. Digital signage might be more effective at this than you might think. With a variety of user options, a dental practice can use digital signage in several positive ways, including:

  • Education: Use your digital signage to showcase brushing tips and healthy eating advice in the waiting room.
  • Advertise: If you offer a range of treatments or health plans, your digital signage can promote those for you quickly and easily.
  • Establish Authority: An effective way of making people feel more at ease in the waiting room is by showcasing the dental staff and highlighting their industry credentials and experience.
  • Distract: It can be hard to relax in a dentist’s waiting room, but engaging content on digital signage can keep a patient’s mind off root canal work or the need for new fillings.
  • Boost Sales: You can sell more dental products by advertising them on your signage, and many dental suppliers may offer reduced costs in exchange for a waiting room presence on your digital signage.

From improved sales tools to enhancing brand awareness and customer experience, digital signage has a huge number of uses and benefits. If your business is not making use of digital signage, then it might be time to start thinking about how it could be the key to the future of your growth.

Digital signage technology has come a long way and is now becoming an essential communication tool for a growing number of businesses. Digital signage can no longer be dismissed as a frivolity, and the technology comes with a wide variety of benefits that can provide high levels of ROI while improving a brand’s visibility and information delivery. From time-saving to attracting new customers, digital signage can transform a business no matter its sector. Knowing where and how to use digital signage should be given some serious thought. If you’re not sure if digital signage is right for your business, here are some ideas, solutions, and factors that you might not have considered.