Digital Vs Printed Signage

Research shows that digital adverts are more eye catching than traditional printed posters and can be deployed instantly rather than in days or weeks. Over recent years industry research has continually proved the effectiveness of digital advertising and now...


What is digital signage?

It’s a very broad term right?? Essentially it means ‘digital signs’. That’s digital screens used like traditional signs to convey information to an audience at a desired or targeted location. The category of digital signage extends past typical LED displays to include...


8 Exciting Digital Signage Statistics in the Retail Sector

Across a variety of industries, digital signage is a highly important aspect of digital transformation. It’s a tool which businesses from all areas are rushing to adopt, from healthcare and retail to corporate offices and non-profit organisations. What makes digital...


A Beginner’s Guide to Outdoor Digital Signage

Digital advertising surrounds us daily. When we log onto our social media feeds, we will see a variety of adverts. When we watch television, we will see the latest products being pushed. When we are travelling home from work, we will likely hear an advert on the radio...

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