Digital Signage for Doctor Surgeries

Doctors surgeries have a problem. People – patients – think of them as old fashioned and stuffy. They think of them as terrible places to be, and they avoid them wherever possible. This is a bad idea for everyone involved, but the perception of the doctor’s surgery is a negative one, and so the trend continues.

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Attract customers with Digital Signage

How can this be changed? It’s true that going to the doctors is not usually something people choose to do – they’re ill, after all – but it is hugely important that they do it all the same. How then can people be encouraged to attend their appointments (and even make them in the first place?). It’s all about making the doctors surgery a modern, informative place to go.

Digital screens are an excellent way to begin and Add Vision’s range of screens is exceptional; we can ensure you have exactly what you need to keep your patients comfortable. The screens can detail upcoming appointments, give information about which rooms the doctors can be found in, even show who is next and how long the waiting times will be. Being given as much information as possible in as simple and easy to understand way will help your patients to not only feel more at ease, but also more empowered too. There aren’t many better ways to educate and communicate with patients.


Doctor Surgery Digital Signage

Next, let’s think of a typical doctors’ waiting room. It’s boring. It’s bland. It can be made better, though, with digital posters. Digital posters that give plenty of interesting information are fantastic, and if they change at regular intervals and give information on something different, that’s even better. That’s what our digital posters can do. Rather than your patients reading the same old information over and over again, they can be given new and relevant information as they wait.

Waiting times are another issue when it comes to making an appointment at the doctor’s surgery. Appointments can – and will – run over, and this has a knock-on effect on everyone else. Although we can’t promise to change this, what we can promise to do is ensure your patients are completely aware of the waiting times on the digital displays we can install. Even when the waiting time is long, you can reduce perceived waiting times by giving patients more information. If they know they have to wait for a specific amount of time they will be less anxious than if their wait seems never-ending.

Attract customers with Digital Signage

Something else that can drastically reduce waiting times are digital kiosks for self-check in. Rather than queuing, patients can check in as soon as they arrive. This again will help them to feel more in control, and it will show just how modern their doctor’s surgery really is.

Add Vision can help to turn your doctor’s surgery into a modern, comfortable, informative space for people to be. Using our interactive screens and digital posters will help your patients feel more relaxed and will give them all the information they need. It’s an ideal way for a doctor’s surgery to enter the 21st century.


What you get with digital signage

Easy To Update
Change your content with our user friendly cloud based drag and drop software.

Way Finding
Deliver an engaging experience as your customers navigate your premises.

Increase ATV
Promote additional products and services to your customers to increase your average transaction value.

Self Service
Improve your customer welcome experience by allowing them to check in or purchase products and services from a touch screen kiosk without queuing

Improve Communication
Make sure your customers have the latest information, updates and know about offers and events.

Save Time
No more waiting on posters coming back from the printers. Update your digital signage with our user-friendly drag and drop software.

Save Money
Say goodbye to extortionate bills from the printers when you upgrade to digital signage.

Utilise Video
20% of people will read the text on a page, but 80% of people will watch a video.

Generate Income
Sell advertising space on your digital signage for an additional income stream.

Stay Front Of Mind
Digital signage has a recall rate of 83%.

Reduced Perceived Wait Time
As well as showcasing your latest offers digital signage can help reduce the perceived wait time of customers waiting in line

Attract Attention
Digital signage attracts more attention than traditional printed signage. 8/10 customers have entered a store because of a digital sign catching their interest.

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