Digital Signage for Training and Education

Once upon a time, people took a job when they left school and stayed in it for life, retiring decades later. This is no longer the case. Now people realise there is a huge wide world out there with thousands of different opportunities, and just because you are doing one type of job now, that doesn’t mean you will be doing that type of job in 10 years, or even five years, perhaps less.

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Attract customers with Digital Signage

Schooling is changing too. There are so many different options and paths that teenagers can choose, and each one will require some kind of training. Finding the right kind of training for the job at hand and the people who need to learn is something that is becoming more and more important – it means that everyone has a fair chance of a job they can enjoy and understand.

So training and education have become increasingly important. Those who want to try something different are keen to learn as much as they can before they apply, and employers want to find the best candidates for the role – experience doesn’t matter as much anymore since training can be offered.


Training and Education Digital Signage

Yet in order to attract the very best, that training needs to be the very best. It needs to be up to date and it needs to be what people are looking for. Whether you are inhouse trainers or you are a third party that companies outsource to, you are going to need to show that you know your stuff, and one way to do that – apart from offering excellent training itself – is to have all the right equipment.

Digital boards can also help to increase revenue. If you install self-service kiosks you can cut down on the number of staff you need, and waiting times will be reduced. In this modern world, the faster something can be done the better, and by offering customers the chance to quickly tap in their order and collect it on the go, you are giving them what they want and need.

Attract customers with Digital Signage

That means having interactive touch screens that work in exactly the way you want and need them to. That means having interactive touch screens from Add Vision. These screens make learning fun whatever the age of the student, and they are a sign that you are with the times; perhaps even ahead of them.

Interactive touch screens make training and education much easier; the tutor can focus on what they are teaching rather than dealing with complicated equipment that is just not required. Plus, instead of old-fashioned paper, it is easier to keep your students’ attention focused on the screen, especially if they can use it themselves.


What you get with digital signage

Easy To Update
Change your content with our user friendly cloud based drag and drop software.

Way Finding
Deliver an engaging experience as your customers navigate your premises.

Increase ATV
Promote additional products and services to your customers to increase your average transaction value.

Self Service
Improve your customer welcome experience by allowing them to check in or purchase products and services from a touch screen kiosk without queuing

Improve Communication
Make sure your customers have the latest information, updates and know about offers and events.

Save Time
No more waiting on posters coming back from the printers. Update your digital signage with our user-friendly drag and drop software.

Save Money
Say goodbye to extortionate bills from the printers when you upgrade to digital signage.

Utilise Video
20% of people will read the text on a page, but 80% of people will watch a video.

Generate Income
Sell advertising space on your digital signage for an additional income stream.

Stay Front Of Mind
Digital signage has a recall rate of 83%.

Reduced Perceived Wait Time
As well as showcasing your latest offers digital signage can help reduce the perceived wait time of customers waiting in line

Attract Attention
Digital signage attracts more attention than traditional printed signage. 8/10 customers have entered a store because of a digital sign catching their interest.

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"We are delighted with our new screens! They have completely transformed our shop, we now have very happy customers happy to wait in the queue and watch the advertising that has been created by Add vision. Great job guys."

Stuart and his team have been great. Installation was smooth and straightforward. Great Machine and saving us money!


"Have recently installed digital advertising screen and extremely impressed with the graphics and the service provided by Stuart and the team."


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