What is Digital Signage?

You can’t go anywhere now without seeing Digital Sigange; digital displays using technologies such as LCD, LED, Projection and E-paper to display graphics, videos, restaurant menus, web pages, weather data and much more!

Why would I want Digital Signage?

Increase Engagement

Digital Signs capture 400% more views than standard displays and 8/1- customers claim to have entered a store simply because some Digital Signage caught there attention. More views meansĀ  more opportunities to make more sales!

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Digital Signage has a hugely positive effect on your customers’ overall experience. Customers that interact with digital signage report as having 46% higher levels of satisfaction; this is probably due to the fact it reduces perceived waiting time by 35%! Positive experiences lead to higher levels of customer retention.

Encourage Impluse Buys

19% of people have admitted to making an unplanned purchase after being influenced by a Digital Sign. Combine this with the fact that it has been proven to increase average spend; you can see why any business would benefit from this!

Provide Opportunity for Growth

Recent reports indicate that brands experience a significant increase (up to 33%) in sales after installing Digital Signage. Evidence is clear that it will lead to more in-store traffic, who will in turn spend longer inside. These trends provide the perfect platform for future growth.

Increase Opportunities

Digital Signage helps eliminate a range of time-consuming jobs that would have been respoonsible for. For example a Digital Sign can display sales information that and employee would previously has to relay to the customer; this frees them up to engage the customer with more meaningful conversation and a provide a higher level of customer service.

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