What is Digital Signage?

You can’t go anywhere now without seeing Digital Sigange; digital displays using technologies such as LCD, LED, Projection and E-paper to display graphics, videos, restaurant menus, web pages, weather data and much more!

Why would I want Digital Signage?

Increase Engagement

Digital Signs capture 400% more views than standard displays and 8/1- customers claim to have entered a store simply because some Digital Signage caught there attention. More views means  more opportunities to make more sales!

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Digital Signage has a hugely positive effect on your customers’ overall experience. Customers that interact with digital signage report as having 46% higher levels of satisfaction; this is probably due to the fact it reduces perceived waiting time by 35%! Positive experiences lead to higher levels of customer retention.

Encourage Impluse Buys

19% of people have admitted to making an unplanned purchase after being influenced by a Digital Sign. Combine this with the fact that it has been proven to increase average spend; you can see why any business would benefit from this!

Provide Opportunity for Growth

Recent reports indicate that brands experience a significant increase (up to 33%) in sales after installing Digital Signage. Evidence is clear that it will lead to more in-store traffic, who will in turn spend longer inside. These trends provide the perfect platform for future growth.

Increase Opportunities

Digital Signage helps eliminate a range of time-consuming jobs that would have been respoonsible for. For example a Digital Sign can display sales information that and employee would previously has to relay to the customer; this frees them up to engage the customer with more meaningful conversation and a provide a higher level of customer service.

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It’s a very broad term right?? Essentially it means ‘digital signs’. That’s digital screens used like traditional signs to convey information to an audience at a desired or targeted location. The category of digital signage extends past typical LED displays to include video walls, touch screens, kiosks and even large tablets.

Unlike conventional printed signage, the digital variety can display multimedia content from images and video to streamed media, web pages, social media and animated text. This capability makes digital signage more engaging and eye-catching than its counter-part. Let’s face it people are attracted to bright moving things, it’s the era of which we now live.

The popularity of digital signage is due to various aspects however , first and foremost the ability to push out unlimited to content to any screen anywhere in the world. Users can group content into playlists and allocate different times of the day, week or month for it to play. This makes the technology a widely useful marketing and communication tool.

In order to use Digital Signage effectively there are 3 x crucial elements:

Hardware – The physical screen where the content is pushed to
Content – The multimedia digital content which can display your message
Software – The cloud based solution which connects to the physical screens